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 September 15, 2020 

 Bemis Road will be closed for a bit,  the bridge at mile one, just South of Angel Falls, collapsed this morning. It’s going to take a few days to find materials to make the required repairs.


 August 21,2020  

Listen up my ATV friends.  This weekend I was out at the Roxbury Park N Ride,  and I met two couples looking at some kind of Map Book!!!  Not sure who printed it, they said GPS I'm Not sure who but anyways. These maps are not worth the ink they printed on.  They have all Maines trails on them and when I looked at it there was Roxbury.  There was Pleasant Mt Trail to Bemus Dunham Trail,  Devil Den Trail to Andover and the Mud Trail,  Deer Yard Trail,  Dolly Mt Trail.  We have not had any of these trails for 2 to 5 years. So please,  get your maps from your local clubs don't by junk maps.  By the way,  this map company guarantee there maps 100% true for $100.00 . Don't buy these, sending you where your not allowed and piss off the landowners.


 August 20, 2020  

If any club members wants to do a work party please do.  There is plenty of things to do, brushing back on Horseshoe Brook Trail,  throwing rocks out of most trails,  cleaning out water bars,  Roxbury to Rumford both ways needs  signing I'm not feeling good,  so I'm taking a break form atving Thank you, Mike


 August 19,2020 

Beaver Brook Bridge is now open on the Lonas Farm Road


 August 12, 2020 

Like to give a BIG!!! Shout out to Trish @ Mills Market and if your in Andover say thank you and support her stores she is now the owner of Andover General and is hoping to get gas pumps going soon


 AUGUST 11, 2020 

It just never ends Beginning today The bridge on the Lonas Farm Road is Closed For 2 weeks the Town/State is replacing it So if Coming or going From Coo's Canyon to Andover You must take the long way around Though Roxbury Pond 15mph, please


 August 07, 2020 

I have to go and check out the trail and take the NO ATV Signs down but Truk Mt Trail from Roxbury (garland pond road) to Coo's Canyon is open as of today instead of Aug 15

Finish new bypass trail rock and seed Need utv with dumps or trailers tractors and Manpower rake shovels Clubs we had 5 clubs last week did four pile of rock in 4 hrs Plese help maybe open trail after this


 July 23, 2020

Update on New Trail I hire A&B Foresters to bring in rock Today for mud area and they will also do the excatvating Starting Mondayand reroute around that steep hill its also there land and they been building roads for year so that will help us out having a work party Saturday and Sunday if needed Need Wheelers that have Dump bodies or if you can haul trailer to get rock on site the club has two So you want this trail open fast Please help out also looking for small tractor's to load us


Hate to be the bearer of bad news Brain Bronson head of atv program and Brian Milligan atv director for our area, shut the new trail down to Rumford. They said it was to dangerous for some people and the water run off is in bad shape.  Mud closer signs are up, please stay off the trail.  We will be planning a work party just as soon as i can get material and equipment lined up.  Sorry everyone but in the long run its the best for the trail and our landowners


  July 21, 2020

 Swamp mats were deliverd but the excavator is broke down Mine Notch trail is passable so it is open!!!!


Mine Notch trail is reopen Enjoy it there a few bridges that need care but passable we are going to try to replace them tomorrow with new Swamp mats


After 3 years tomorrow July 20th we will be putting the Mine notch trail back together i will post when ready alot of new veiws from logging we need to reset 5 bridges and clean up water bars Im thinking Wednesday This trail runs behind SilverLake Campground and is part of the Old County Road and connects to the Wind Tower's and rt 120 it is on the map just been shut down for logging


 June 29, 2020

Trail update new river trail closed till further notice I don't know why but please stay off till the water drops at least 5 feet


 May 29, 2020 

The Route 17 to 4 connector trail is OPEN! Please use caution and maintain prudent speeds as there is still some work to be done. There are many side roads and trails that are OFF LIMITS so respect our landowners and stay on the marked trail. This trail connects Narrow Gauge to Roxbury through Rangeley Plantation by way of Herbie Welch Trail and Bemis Road. Please obey posted speed limits. Remember Roxbury does not currently have fuel so plan to bring your own.

A Grand Opening is planned for June 27 and we hope to see you all there! Stay tuned for more info!

Have fun, ride safe, and see you on the trails!


 May 25, 2020 

Land owner not happy First picture someone dump leaves and brush on his land right in front of his target range Scecord Picture his little range Not only did they dump leave's and brush they had a fire and over 30 beer can's I offerd to help Clean up he said nope I didn't do it and he didn't think it was any atver's we did anyway!!! he owns over 100 acers of land he made a maze of trail on his land Atv and dirt bikes are welcome The trail is right off the main st Roxbury pond he calls it the rip and tear trail he want's everyone to enjoy it so atv's dirt bike have fun Trucks and shooters no more 3rd picture Please people grow up

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Central Maine Power Sports will be once again offering a free $200 machine service to anyone completing 40 hours of trail maintenance work!

No photo description available.


 May 24,2020 

Trail out of Andover off South Arm Road from Chandler Trail to Gary's Trail to Roxbury's trails are closed till futher notice!!!  Access road open out of Andover South Arm to Lonas Farm Road on to Devil's Den to South Arm Lake and on to Oquossoc ATV Club Trails is 25 MPH plese single fill keep right!!!


 May 23, 2020 

Before it happend SLOW DOWN access rt in Andover Southarm rd 25 MPH Main St Roxbury pond 15 MPH Horse shoe valley road 20Mph Dingle hill Byron 15 Mph please obey we don't want to lose these access routs Thank you to the Towns for letting us use there roads

Trail closer up date Trail to Devil's Den Is closed at a landowners Request We will be working on a bypass around him or before him But for now if your going down lonas road towards beaver brook trail keep going striaght to the southarm road take right to devil's den access road 25MPH please

 The trails in Rumford will be open Saturday, May 23,2020. I implore you to use caution and ride safe and remember that is not our or your land so use it wisely. Stay Safe and enjoy ( and legal) .

Thanks for you patience

Jim Theriault


 May 22, 2020

I will be placing Trail Maps Tomorrow to Mills Market and Lone Mt Campground Martin's Service & Sales Andover Knotty Moose Roxbury Coos Canyon Campground and Coos Canyon Rock and Gift Byron Trail open June 1st But be ready with a map!!!

Trail closer up date Trail to Devil's Den Is closed at a landowners Request We will be working on a bypass around him or before him But for now if your going down lonas road towards beaver brook trail keep going striaght to the southarm road take right to devil's den access road 25MPH please

Ok here you go Mexico ATV Rumford ATV Oquossoc ATV And Roxbury Trials will be open tomorrow The big landowners just gave us the ok But some trail in roxbury are still closed till the 30th alls trails from Roxbury to the Wind towers Black Mt.and Andover closed You can get in and out of andover from south arm road Geat food at Mills Market New trail to Rumford Close untill futher nitice Mine Notch trail close till mid June Roxbury park n ride is open but there is not gas in Roxbury and Andover gen. close for good bring your own gas Please tread lighty have fun slow down obey access roads speed limits We have extra Helmets if you need on for your children Thank yoy all see you on the trails


  May 21, 2020 

I know it hard to stay off the trails But if we don't we may lose them for ever the landowners Was firm on June 1st i'm calling today to see if we can open next weekend The 30th where June 1st is a Monday but that is up to them so please share with your Friends not on face book trails are still closed

I will be placing Trail Maps Tomorrow to Mills Market and Lone Mt Campground Martin's Service & Sales Rather Be Wheeling Andover Knotty Moose Roxbury Coos Canyon Campground and Coos Canyon Rock and Gift Byron Trail open June 1st But be ready with a map!!!


  May 20, 2020

 Copied and pasted from a friend :: I know a lot of people that have wheelers and are not part of a club to help out or feel that they are above the rules of the trails. Most of those at fault aren’t even on Facebook reading the warnings nor do they care. People that don’t follow rules, tear up property or just generally are assholes out there cause issues that piss off landowners. They OWN the land....not the state...not the ATV club....not the riders. The best people can do is NOT be assholes out there and get clear photos of registrations of those they see doing so. These trails are not a right....they are a privilege. Anyone that’s pissed about this can buy their own property to ride on (and then deal with said assholes themselves), join an ATV club to help out and/or spread the same word to their asshole friends that they KNOW are out there causing issues ultimately resulting in trail closures.... be a part of the solution.

Also....know that there are lots of hidden cameras and plenty of people out there ready to get enough of your info/photos to the wardens. The landowners and wardens are about out of fucking patience with this ignorance too. The entire state trail systems are at risk because of total lack of respect.


 May 17, 2020

New incentives program for trail helpers on the trails. 10hrs of work, free club hat.  20hrs on trails, free club tee shirt.  30hrs on trails, Free club hooded sweat shirt. 40hrs or more 2021 free membership and map. Hope to see you at our work partys. Last year we had 8 people with over 40hrs Thank you Mike


 May 17, 2020

Roxbury atv has a new President Barry Bunten.

Vice President and a trail master Michael Hanson

Secretary and Membership Ciara and Barry Giroux

Trail Masters Frank Duguay and Tyler Brown

You guys all rock !!!


 April 26, 2020

Roxbury atv trail maps $8.00 includes shipping Send check or Money to PO Box 173 Roxbury Maine 04275 with your address


 April 25, 2020

Thank you to club member Tim Mercer for donating sign blanks and truck load of bottles

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 April 23, 2020

 Did you know that the Roxbury ATV Riders club has been doing a ongoing Bottle and can Drive now 15 years And over the years we Bought Chainsaws Pole saws gloves vest gas grills A rescue trailer Hand tools Gave to Make a Wish Children Cancer Hailey's Hugs Besides people from around Roxbury donating there bottles we also get Truck loads from Memory Lane Vacations The Knotty Moose Coo's Canyon Rock n Gift and Coo's Canyon Campground And Ralph's Store Give us 6 cents a can/bottle I would like to say thank you to everyone who Supports our club Mike


 April 23, 2020

Right now all clubs gets about 5000.00 to 8000.00 Depending on how many miles they have to Maintain a year for trails with a Club Grants That does not go very far Memberships are a key. For better trails and at 25.00 a membership you can't go wrong your be helping the clubs the trails you will be informed of what's going on in the club and have a say and know what's going on in State Atv program So if you ride a atv on our trails Please join a club near you Dues are passed Due Thank you Roxbury atv riders Go to for memberships Pay Pal is


 March 31, 2020

Hard work pays off I just got a call From Polaris Trail Grant and the Roxbury atv riders was awarded 10k for trails

Thank you to our Grant Writer and Map Maker Jay Parker !!


  JUNE 25, 2019

 What does Roxbury ATV have for scenic view's... Let me name a few,  Black Mountain Tower and Wind Tower lookouts,  Devils Den,  Coos Canyon,  Old Andover Earth Station and Old homes in Andover.  Places to eat  include Baker's Country Store,  Knotty Moose, Coos Canyon Rock,  Little Red Hen Diner & Bakery and Gift.  Places to  camp include,  Lone Mountain Campground,  Silver Lake Campground,  Coos Canyon Campground and The Bateman Camps.  There are three Park N Rides,  two on RT 120 in both Roxbury and Andover and one on RT 17 just North of Coos Canyon.  Oh don't forget the Great Lakes,  enter at YOUR OWN RISK.  All our trail are awesome


This map was made up to show ATV trails that are closed due to logging or upset land owners. Please stay off these trails, in hope of getting them back next year.

So many changes in one year, PLEASE respect the land owners who let you ride !!