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 We are sorry to report that the decision has been made to CANCEL this year's show, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. The health and well being of our club members, vendors, and the many sportsmen and women and their families who attend the show is of utmost importance right now. We thank you for your understanding and will be contacting all of the folks involved with the show.


February 24, 2020

 Roxbury ATV Riders Club has found a new President,  Thank you for the step-up!!! We will announce it in early April once we get the transfer final

Roxbury ATV Riders Club .

Trailmasters job is taken care of,  we are splitting up our trails in 4 zones 4 different people making Roxbury's trails great again.  We will announce this also in early April.  Thank you to everyone who stepped up!!!!


 October 29, 2019

October is very wet and with more rain coming this week The Roxbury ATV Trails will be Closing Nov 4th For the session Thank you for a Great Year (Mud Closer Signs will be going up open date June 8th 2020)  Mike


 October 23, 2019

Would like to Thank all our landowners for letting us use there land also would like to thank all our members that supported us all year. I wish the club Good luck I will stay on as landowner relation and I hope more people step up to help the club out still looking for a trail master Mike


 October 18, 2019

Trail Masters Report: It has been a great year as far as trail work. We worked on most of our trails and added some, starting with the Knotty Moose, Coley , MCI, Great Lakes, Cochan, Black Mtn. Beaver Brook,, Horseshoe Brook, Gary's, Turk Mtn, Bunker Pond, East Branch, the new Chisolm Trails and best of all, our newest connector trail, Roxbury to Rumford trail system. This allows for a big loop, Roxbury to Rumford to Peru to Dixfield to Mexico, and back to Roxbury. We will be opening it up early next year. It still has to have time setting up, putting in bridges, water bars, and tender loving care. I would like to thank Roger, Sheri, and Jane for taking on the Club and saving it from folding. ( Making Roxbury Great Again). Thank you all for your support of me while I was Trailmaster  Mike


 October 15, 2019

Beginning Monday Oct.21st the following trails will be closed for the session Chandler trail from Southarm road to rt 120 Gary's trail Mci trail Cochran trail great lakes trail Coley trail Wind tower trail These trail close every year at this time for early Fox and coyote trapping and hunting Per landowners request The mine notch trail is still closed for logging so there is no way to the wind towers Sorry!! The Roxbury and Andover Park N Rides will remain open to access all other trails north Bakers for gas and food Knotty Moose food Coos Canyon area Mills market Andover Devil den Bemis So there is still a lot of riding Thank you Mike Please always respect our landowners


September 23, 2019

 OCT. 25th Per Landowner request land South of Park N Ride in Roxbury by Bakers Store and Knotty Moose will be closed for hunting this gate will be closed and locked but park n ride will stay open till Dec 15th so riders can get to other trails. Other trails closed for Hunting are Cochum road and Gary's trail Please respect our landowners Wishes Mik


September 07, 2019

Trail Update Kenny Is back up and runner Trail to Rumford will resume Monday Also Mine Notch trail Talk with Forester he says they are still hauling wood and are planning to put all our bridges and trail back the way it was

Trail work tomorrow Gary's Trail install gate posts and fix some bad ruts And gate posts on Cockram Corkum road how ever its spelled and remove big rock on power line trail

Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day Is September 15th Sunday We will looking for help Please!!!


 September 06, 2019

Trail Update Kenny is waiting for parts for Excavator so trail to Rumford is on hold Mine Notch trail there done cutting and are now just hauling wood Hopefully there done and out end of next week this weekend we will be replacing 2 culverts on Coley Trail and adding 2 gates for landowners Thank you

We are adding a gate to south side of Roxbury Park N Ride So when land is shut down in Oct. For hunting the park n ride will still be open and people will still have access to trails and Knotty Moose Trailmaster

Our deepest condolences to the family of Ken Dixon former Chief of Andover Fire. He was always a great supporter of the Roxbury ATV Club


  September 03, 2019

Got some of our new signs hung Sunday.

Thanks Ciara and Eric Giroux for the lettering.


 August 19, 2019 

The Mexico Club is having a meeting this Wednesday night at 6pm Aug 21 downstairs at the town hall .  You should be there if you want to see this club continue because they need a Vice President and a trailmaster or riding in Mexico could come to an end


  August 16,2019

Sent in our first grant reimbursement request $20,891.00.  Our check from state will be $14.588.00, with $8,100.00 more to claim. With most our bills paid we should be in great shape to hit every trail,  bunker pond Dana's Rip and Tear Trail,  Great Lakes. With landowner approval,  we will have a new trail into Andover and a new trail to Rumford Mexico.  What I need from riders is help on trails,  there is so much stuff out there to do to make our trails Great Again.  If you live in Andover, Roxbury or Byron,  join the club.  We have some great things going on for you.  We will be sending out a letter to all registered atv owners in our towns soon,  Mike


 August 13, 2019

We are out of maps,  what is at the local stores and campgrounds are all we have left 


 August 10, 2019

I'm not done with trails yet We have Bunker Pond trail Dana Templeton's rip and tear trail We are going to pull some rocks and stumps out of Great Lakes Trail Than hopefully a new trail to connect Roxbury Rumford and Mexico


 August 07, 2019

Need someone to step up in Roxbury club Because I'm stepping down as trail master as of September 1st Mike


 August 01, 2019

August 3rd Line up at 9:00 float judging at 9:30. Parade starts at 10:00 . We will also have a booth with raffle club shirts sweatshirts hats scarfs and Maps And trail info Like to see as many clubs with there banners show up the theme for this year 2019 "WHERE THE ROAD ENDS " THE FUN BEGINS." This is right up our alley Any club member or club that wants to make a float Your more than welcome to Thank you all hope to see you there


 July 18. 2019


During Free ATV weekend a nonresident may operate in Maine on an ATV that is not registered in Maine if the nonresident's ATV has a valid registration from another state or Canadian province.


 July 18. 2019

Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day Is September 15th Sunday We will looking for help Please!!!


 July 15, 2019

 Trail update

 We still have some trail work to do just waiting for excavator to be freed up, Coley trail and MCI trail Black Mountain Trail culverts. on East Branch Trail gate on Gary's Trail gate on Coley Trail Bunker Pond Trail when logging is done Mine notch trail when logging is done And our new trail that connects Roxbury to Rumford and Mexico. This is Great news for all 5 clubs Roxbury ATV,  Mexico ATV,  Rumford ATV  and River Valley Riders and Peru ATV.  Big loop Roxbury To Rumford to Peru to Dixfield to Mexico back to Roxbury.  Thank you to the landowners that made this trail possible,  Paul Cogley,  Linkletter and A&B Forestry. Horseshoe Valley to Black Bridge and we are working on a trail from Horseshoe Valley to Fry Crossover Road to lower end of Bunker Pond . Thank you Mike Trail Master.  Be on the look out for a Mystery ride to open this trail


 July 14, 2019

Thanks to all that came out and ride with us, it was perfect day! Thanks to everyone that helped us make this ride happen. Thanks to the Worthley’s for letting us use their yard for the event. Special thanks to Mike Ronan for winning the raffle ride($120) and donating the entire thing back to team Hailey Hugs.


 July 13, 2019

Did you hear the big new Roxbury Has, if not guess you have to wait!!!


 JUNE 27' 2019

 Need help!!! The area atv clubs are looking to join forces and time to find and trail to connect Mexico or Rumford Trails to Roxbury Trail Systems.  A logging company shut us of in Byron and a landowner on ITS 82 shut us down in Rumford looking for ideas around anyone..... please help'  Mike


  JUNE 25, 2019

 What does Roxbury ATV have for scenic view's... Let me name a few,  Black Mountain Tower and Wind Tower lookouts,  Devils Den,  Coos Canyon,  Old Andover Earth Station and Old homes in Andover.  Places to eat  include Baker's Country Store,  Knotty Moose, Coos Canyon Rock,  Little Red Hen Diner & Bakery and Gift.  Places to  camp include,  Lone Mountain Campground,  Silver Lake Campground,  Coos Canyon Campground and The Bateman Camps.  There are three Park N Rides,  two on RT 120 in both Roxbury and Andover and one on RT 17 just North of Coos Canyon.  Oh don't forget the Great Lakes,  enter at YOUR OWN RISK.  All our trail are awesome


JUNE 20, 2019

Reminder atv club Grants July 1 Submit grant application


JUNE 18, 2019

Trail update Wind Tower trail is open for ATVING.This is the trail from Rt 120 to the Mine Notch Road (CAUTION) Water bars and They are hauling gravel in and hauling logs out of Mine notch road Please stay right and 10MPH This is just for wind towers do not go past the NO ATV Signs Thank you Mike


JUNE 17, 2019

This is Turk Trail currently after a work party!

These trails do not fix them selves, we need volunteers to support the club and

help rebuild and maintain these trails, so all can enjoy ATV riding !!



JUNE 17, 2018

This isTurk Trail at the beginning of the ATV season


JUNE 17, 2018

I'm looking for someone or more than 1 to train with me to take over my duties as Trail Master next year


June 12, 2019

List of trails we will be working on this summer:

1   Coley's Trail

2   Black Mt Tower Road

3   new trail power line washout

3   Knotty Moose Trail

4   MCI Trail washout

5   Devils Den Trail, big tire ruts

6   new gate for Gary's Trail and South of Roxbury Park n Ride so people can still use park n ride in late Oct

7   Bunker Pond and Mine Notch Trails late summer

8   Trails that are done Turk Mt Trail and East Branch Trail to Bemis,  except for seeding and haying.

9    And We Received our Municipal Grant approval 22,690.00. This should help in Making Roxbury ATV Great Again            Trail Master Mike


 June 10, 2019

More Info on trail There Is a new Active Logging crew on the Lonas Farm Road between Devil's Den Trail and Southarm Road.  Please let the crane operator wave you though thank you,  Mike

Trail update

Even with all the traffic on our Coos Canyon to Bemis Trail our excavator operator got the job done. Now if people could just stay off it till Friday we can open!!!  We still need to hay some ditches,  so if you want to help and your on the trails after Friday I will have hay bales out to be spread thank you,  Mike

More great news from some asshole wheelers not sure how many, but they went though the gates with 4 No ATV SIGNS and 2 MUD CLOSURE SIGNS. They went around equipment and tore up rhe road they just graded. Land owners are not happy,  guess the status of Mine Notch Trail now...... trail is postedas  CLOSED on both our web-site and face book.  Thank you to who ever  did this, we might have lost this trail forever


 June 07. 2019

Here is a list on things you should know about Roxbury atv trails

1.  Coos to Bemis CLOSED till further notice we are working on getting this fixed, its just to wet for us to get any trail hardener in there

2.  Bunker Pond Trail only OPEN on weekends do to logging and hauling wood

3.  Mine Notch Trail is CLOSED till late August

4.  Wind Tower Road is OPEN to ATV.s, but there hauling wood out on this road log trucks have right of way!!

5.  We do have a new short trail that goes to Horse Shoe Valley, off of the laydown yard. It also makes a loop          if your going to Black Mt. Tower Road. This trail is wet please tread lightly

6,  We have Great Lake Trail is back and OPEN,and its full.

7.  Reminder there is NO trail from Byron to Mexico anymore!!!

     Please carry in carry out and NO camp fires on trails.

     Have a great year be safe and have fun

Thank you

Trail Master Mike 


MAY 28, 2019

We are holding a work party June 1st to finish signing, clearing brush/blowdowns, and trying to get some water off the trails. Your help is needed if we are to open the trails June 08.  Meet at Mike's house @8am

June 03, 2019 

Because we have a Mock ATV Rescue with life flight training on Saturday June 8th, I will be opening the gates and taking mud closer signs down Friday June 7th. The trail from Byron, the Bemis Road will remain closed due to wet and rutted land hoping to get this fixed soon.  Bunker Pond Trail is only open on weekends do to logging, they will have trees across trail for your safety do not go there!!!  Mine Notch Trail is closed till late August due to logging. Wind Tower Road is open on weekends because they are hauling wood out during the week.  All other trails are still wet in spots,  please Respect Our Land Owners!!  Roxbury Park n Ride is very wet in some places,  I will be placing safety cones in the area. Have a Great year, be safe and be respectful to landowners !! Carry in Carry out all trash and please use trash cans for returnables. Thank You, Trail Master Mike


MAY 27, 2019

With the uncertain trail conditions And more rain this week we decided to cancel The Roxbury ATV Poker Run. We will draw the 50/50 tickets and Mt. Washington ride on June 1st at the Knotty Moose @ 5pm.


MAY 17, 2019

 Official notice from the Roxbury atv riders, trails WILL NOT be open for Memorial Day weekend. AFM and a few other large landowners have advised us that we cannot use their land until the trails dry out more. Violators will be prosecuted as the Warden Service has been duly advised. Also, if we do not comply and respect the landowner wishes, we could be in jeopardy of loosing the use of their land as a trail system." We will pass on anything new.


MAY 07, 2019

Attention Area ATV'S Do you join a local club? If so do you help on trails. Work at events go too meeting. Run for office. Go on club rides? If you do join but don't help out you should. And if you don't join a club shame on you!!! What would you do if in October the club has its last meeting for the year than decides they had enough no one is there in May to open the trails once we lose trails its hard to get them back There is over 300 reg. ATV in Rumford with only 35 or so members same in Dixfield Mexico Roxbury Byron Andover Please save our Trails and Save your area clubs Join and help out Come to a meeting see what we are all about the trails just don't appear Clubs and Landowners Working together I'm Writing this for our area but its a problem State wide Thank you please share with your friends


MAY 04, 2019

Thanks for the help today 20 people Route 120 and Route 17 done at 12 noon, we picked up two pickup truck loads!!  Thank you all, there are 5 people missing form thepicture.


 Now available.........

waterproof,  tearproof,  foldable

Roxbury ATV Riders Club Trail Maps

 Helping to make,

 Roxbury ATV Riders Club





Check this out area clubs and members from Central Maine powersports, if you have a club owned ATV or side x side you get shop rate of $58.00 a hr. And if you volunteer 40hrs or more on trails you get a complete atv/utv service free as a THANK YOU From Central Maine powersports



Free ATV Weekend is August 16-18, 2019. During this weekend a nonresident may operate in Maine on an ATV that is not registered in Maine if the nonresident's ATV has a valid registration from another state or Canadian province.




Beginning today the trail between Byron and the Bemis road/trail is closed due to Damage (rotting)Mud until further notice We are sorry to do this but its better to close and fix than close for good Mike



Friday and Saturday trail work. All blowdowns have been cleaned up. Gary’s trail has been fixed and a new gate added. Another happy landowner!!

Roxbury ATV Riders Club - Gary's Trail Photo's



Bemis Mtn Trail is closed until further notice due to logging operations. The operations staging area is in the Park and Ride lot. You can park in the sand pit just beyond the lot. Please stay out of the way after all they own the land upon which we ride. Be Safe!


This map was made up to show ATV trails that are closed due to logging or upset land owners. Please stay off these trails, in hope of getting them back next year.

So many changes in one year, PLEASE respect the land owners who let you ride !!


Trail from Coos Canyon to Mexico is CLOSED !! Please stay out, or we may never get it back..