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 All trails are CLOSED



Free ATV Weekend is August 16-18, 2019. During this weekend a nonresident may operate in Maine on an ATV that is not registered in Maine if the nonresident's ATV has a valid registration from another state or Canadian province.



Closed for hunting means just that ATV/Snow machines stay out gates are closed do not go around the gates Dec.15th black powder ends stay out or lose it please share!!!!! Mike


Beginning today the trail between Byron and the Bemis road/trail is closed due to Damage (rotting)Mud until further notice We are sorry to do this but its better to close and fix than close for good Mike



 All gates are shut and lock behind House for Hunting/Trapping session on Coley Land And Gary trail We will reopen trails Dec 16th for Snow machining Thank you Mike



Friday and Saturday trail work. All blowdowns have been cleaned up. Gary’s trail has been fixed and a new gate added. Another happy landowner!!

Roxbury ATV Riders Club - Gary's Trail Photo's



Bemis Mtn Trail is closed until further notice due to logging operations. The operations staging area is in the Park and Ride lot. You can park in the sand pit just beyond the lot. Please stay out of the way after all they own the land upon which we ride. Be Safe!



ROXBURY ATV Trail Closer beginning Oct 22nd From Bakers store Park n Ride to Andover Gary's Trail Horseshoe Valley All gates will be closed and lock At Landowners Request for Hunting This is not new we do it every year The Landowners let us use there land for ATV Horse and Snow Machine Please Respect there wishes


This map was made up to show ATV trails that are closed due to logging or upset land owners. Please stay off these trails, in hope of getting them back next year.

So many changes in one year, PLEASE respect the land owners who let you ride !!


Trail from Coos Canyon to Mexico is CLOSED !! Please stay out, or we may never get it back..  



Great Lakes Trail is closed at  land owners request for logging, please stay away!! Hoping to get trhis trail opoen next year