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 The following trails will remain closed

 Mine Notch Trail will be CLOSED do to logging

THE GOOD NEWS............

 Black Mountain Tower Road & Great Lakes Trails will be back open


MAY 17, 2019

 Official notice from the Roxbury atv riders, trails WILL NOT be open for Memorial Day weekend. AFM and a few other large landowners have advised us that we cannot use their land until the trails dry out more. Violators will be prosecuted as the Warden Service has been duly advised. Also, if we do not comply and respect the landowner wishes, we could be in jeopardy of loosing the use of their land as a trail system." We will pass on anything new.



MAY 07, 2019

Attention Area ATV'S Do you join a local club? If so do you help on trails. Work at events go too meeting. Run for office. Go on club rides? If you do join but don't help out you should. And if you don't join a club shame on you!!! What would you do if in October the club has its last meeting for the year than decides they had enough no one is there in May to open the trails once we lose trails its hard to get them back There is over 300 reg. ATV in Rumford with only 35 or so members same in Dixfield Mexico Roxbury Byron Andover Please save our Trails and Save your area clubs Join and help out Come to a meeting see what we are all about the trails just don't appear Clubs and Landowners Working together I'm Writing this for our area but its a problem State wide Thank you please share with your friends


MAY 04, 2019

Thanks for the help today 20 people Route 120 and Route 17 done at 12 noon, we picked up two pickup truck loads!!  Thank you all, there are 5 people missing form thepicture.


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Roxbury ATV Riders Club Trail Maps

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 Roxbury ATV Riders Club






Check this out area clubs and members from Central Maine powersports, if you have a club owned ATV or side x side you get shop rate of $58.00 a hr. And if you volunteer 40hrs or more on trails you get a complete atv/utv service free as a THANK YOU From Central Maine powersports



Free ATV Weekend is August 16-18, 2019. During this weekend a nonresident may operate in Maine on an ATV that is not registered in Maine if the nonresident's ATV has a valid registration from another state or Canadian province.




Beginning today the trail between Byron and the Bemis road/trail is closed due to Damage (rotting)Mud until further notice We are sorry to do this but its better to close and fix than close for good Mike



Friday and Saturday trail work. All blowdowns have been cleaned up. Gary’s trail has been fixed and a new gate added. Another happy landowner!!

Roxbury ATV Riders Club - Gary's Trail Photo's



Bemis Mtn Trail is closed until further notice due to logging operations. The operations staging area is in the Park and Ride lot. You can park in the sand pit just beyond the lot. Please stay out of the way after all they own the land upon which we ride. Be Safe!


This map was made up to show ATV trails that are closed due to logging or upset land owners. Please stay off these trails, in hope of getting them back next year.

So many changes in one year, PLEASE respect the land owners who let you ride !!


Trail from Coos Canyon to Mexico is CLOSED !! Please stay out, or we may never get it back..