ATV Safety Class scheduled for April 04, 2020 @ 8am Roxbury Town Hall 1095 Roxbury Rd, Roxbury, ME 04275

The Roxbury ATV Riders Club is located in the Western mountains of Roxbury Maine, approximately 10 miles North of Rumford Maine. We are a family oriented riding club, with an emphasis on responsible riding and having fun. The club has miles of beautiful well kept and signed trails. There is direct trail access to three campgrounds also food and gas. For rider convenience there are two club run park and rides located on Route 120. Come visit us and enjoy the best trails in Western Maine.


 All ATV Trails are CLOSED for the winter


ATV CLUBS, do not just happen. It takes alot of hard work

From many members, not just a few. Have you done your part to " MAKE ROXBURY GREAT AGAIN "? 

Be part of the solution and not the problem, become active in the Club and help set the direction of ATV riding for the future !


Jr Trail masters Wyatt Age 10 with 177 hrs with Papa And Corbin age 5 With dad Roger with 121 hrs they both received a 50.00 prepaid game card at River Lanes in Bethel. And a thank you certificate from Roxbury ATV Riders @ The Knotty Moose Thank you boys for all your hard work Other Trail workers that Received a gift 300.00 certificates From Central Maine powersports Are Jeff Jeffrey Dolloff 51 hrs John Jodie Duguay-grant 51 hrs Tom Sharon Worthley Sinclair 51hrs.Frank Crystal Buchanan Duguay 87 hrsRoger Laramee 126 hrs and Me 377 hrs. There are many more trail helpers out there with 1 to 30 hrs to Thank you everyone for a great year keeping our club great and thank you Central Maine PowerSports